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San Pedro is one of California’s state-designated Cultural Districts highlighting the thriving cultural diversity and unique artistic identities within local communities across California.
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San Pedro’s historic downtown atmosphere is a rarity in the nation’s second largest city. The town has been a thriving artist community since the 1940s, with studios in storefronts and warehouses alike. Many commercial buildings also house studios and work/live options for artists in the District. Vacant spaces remain open to new artists and organizations, providing ongoing opportunities to grow and evolve the local arts and culture scene.

Although the physical boundary of the Arts and Cultural District encompasses Downtown San Pedro, the local artist community extends far beyond the historic downtown core. Individual visual and performing artists’ studios are spread throughout the San Pedro neighborhoods. The Angels Gate Cultural Center, for example, offers studios in former army barracks for more than 50 artists of all disciplines. CRAFTED at the Port of Los Angeles is also a popular handmade market place for artisan creators of apparel, art, home decor, jewelry, gourmet items and much more.

First Thursday ArtWalk

Come out, visit with your friends, and see some art!  One of the first in the region, the 26-year-old monthly First Thursday ArtWalk happens between Pacific Ave, Harbor Boulevard, 4th, and 9th Streets, from 5:30pm – 8:30pm.

The Guided ArtWalkTour will be touring three unique arts spaces. The tour will gather at 5:30pm in JDC Records, 447 W 6th St, walk at 6pm and visit Pixels Creative Space, 439 West 6th Street, fINdings Art Center, 470 W 6th St. and end the tour in Los Angeles Harbor Arts, 4th and Mesa. Reserve your place on the tour here.

For more information visit here.The band performing on the corner of 6th and Mesa will be The Jokers (video) and TheMourners (video)The Food Truck Alley on Mesa Street between 5th and 7th St. will feature -  DOG*R*LA, Doc Lobsta @doclobstala, Deli Doctor @thedelidoctor, Bison Burger @bisonburgertruck, Eagle Rock BBQ @eaglerockbbq, LA Street Eatz @lastreeteatz, Crepes Bonaparte @crepesbonaparte, and Inglorious Funnels @inglorious_funnels.

For Guided ArtWalk Tour tickets and more info here.
Download your copy of the First Thursday ArtWalk Map here and for a First Thursday ArtWalk Trolley map, click here

To participate in First Thursday ArtWalk, organizations who plan to use the sidewalks must be invited by a property-owner or business owner. Sidewalks must not be blocked by vendors. Sidewalk vendors must have a City of LA vending permit. If the space outside of your building does not allow room for pedestrians to pass safely or you don’t-have a permit, please contact the San Pedro Chamber of Commerce, 310 832 7272 to make arrangements for unassigned booth space.Inquiries regarding performing at the First Thursday stage should be directed to Melody Perez at ( General questions or suggestions regarding First Thursday can be emailed to

San Pedro's arts historic waterfront primarily helps drive the revitalization of the area and provides physical, social, cultural and economic benefits to strengthen and sustain the community. Over time, many artists and cultural organizations have found a home in San Pedro and have become vital to the local community. The Downtown District is home to over 30 studios and galleries, featuring both local and world renowned artists.

For the First Thursday Artwalk Trolley Information, please download the First Thursday Trolley Map.

To learn more about the Arts District’s vision to leave a lasting legacy in the form of public art projects in San Pedro, visit their website today.

For more information, please contact:

San Pedro Waterfront Arts District
880 West 18th Street, San Pedro, CA 90731

Lilyan Fierman Walkway Mural by Luis SanchezThe world’s largest rubber duck, the giant inflatable was created by Dutch artist Florentijn Hofman
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