Dia de los Muertos Festival

Dia de los Muertos Festival
Oct 24, 2021 3-7p
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7th and Centre, 6th and Mesa

Downtown San Pedro (PBID) will be honoring Día de los Muertos, highlighting the traditional Mexican cultural celebration of life and death, with two Dia de los Muertos inspired installations. In lieu of the annual festivities that San Pedro typically hosts attracting thousands to the downtown district, Downtown San Pedro will be featuring two viewable art activations designed by local South Bay artists, Sonia Gomez and Ruby Prieto. These installations will be viewable at two locations throughout the downtown district beginning Sunday, November 1- Monday, November 2 on 7th and Center & 6th and Mesa.

As this traditional Mexican holiday dates back thousands of years to celebrate and honor the memories of the deceased with colorful displays, face painting and more, this year will feature an opportunity for socially distanced art and individuals to take photos with the artwork.

Downtown San Pedro remains committed to ensuring the health and safety of the community, visitors, and staff. Face coverings are required when visiting the art installations and all guests are encouraged to practice physical distancing. Each installation will be properly spaced out to ensure there is enough room to view them safely.